Welcome to Demon Hunter Builds

May 14th, 2012


This site lists the best builds for Demon Hunters in D3. There is a large number of diablo 3 demon hunter builds that will be viable in the game and it will depend on what content you are doing, if you are grouped, what classes you are playing with and your play styIe. I will be listing Demon Hunter builds submitted to me by players, found online or created myself. I will also be posting helpfull information on how to play a Demon Hunter and the skills available to them.

If you have any Demon Hunter builds you would like to submit to this site please email them to admin@demonhunterbuilds.com. When you submit a build also submit information on how to play the build and any relivant information. Please use the battlenet diablo 3 character builder as it is currently the most up to date engine for making builds.

Here is a little intro to the Demon Hunter class that IGN has created:

Demon Hunter Builds

Demon Hunter PVE Builds:

Vault-Centric Inferno Build - General-purpose Inferno build focused on survival and being useful on both single targets and AoE packs (to keep up that Nephalem honor buff). The build revolves around planting Caltrops, then Vaulting away (and being able to Vault every 3 to 6s on average) to stay safe.

Demon Hunter AOE Slow and Multishot Build - This is a build based around:
Slowing down groups of mobs with Entangling Shot
AOE damage with Multi-Shot, Spike Trap
Extra rage from Bat Companion
Healing done with Shadow Power and Elemental Arrow

Demon Hunter Sharpshooter Inferno Build - A build with a good amount of slow abilities crowd controll.

DH AOE Group Slow And High Damage Build - I like this build has plenty of crowd controll with aoe slows and has crit hatered generator. This looks like it will be a very nice Demon Hunter build.

Hungering Arrow/Elemental Arrow Build - This has some AOE slow, some dis and hatered generation and some good damage. Should be interesting to see how it plays.

Demon Hunter AoE DPS Build - This is a AOE damage build, caltrops to slow targets and a lot of damage skills. This build is a little weak on the defence side but should do well in groups.

High Mobility DH Build - This is a high mobility build a lot of discipline talents. For boss fightsyou may want to swap out Caltrops for Marked for Death with Hatred regen rune for it for maximum single target Impale spam.

Generalist DH Build - A good general build.

Demon Hunter PVP Builds:

(pvp arenas are not going available with the release of the game)

Preditor Demon Hunter PVP Build - This build made for PvP with the emphasis of being able to both chase enemies and lure them into traps.